Sports Skills

Each sport requires athletes to master specific skills—for example, shooting in basketball, footwork in soccer, batting in softball. Perfecting these skills requires learning the skill techniques and repeatedly performing drills to commit them to muscle memory. Learn the best skill-building techniques and drills from top coaches and athletes.

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10 Essential Point Guard Drills From Skylar Diggins

To rebound from a disappointing rookie season, Skylar Diggins hit the court hard in the off-season to work on her ball handling, shooting and layup sk...

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This 13-Year-Old Girl Would Strike You Out

The phrase "you throw like a girl" suddenly has a new—and positive—meaning, thanks to 13-year-old Mo'Ne Davis. On Sunday, the baseball star...

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Why High School Softball Pitchers Don't Throw Fastballs

There is a trend with fastpitch softball pitching at the high school level where the majority of pitchers do not throw their fastballs in games. A...

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3 P's of Rebounding: Women's Basketball Drills

Being a prolific rebounder isn't always about being bigger and taller. It isn't even about who can jump higher, although these qualities definitely...

By: Layton Westmoreland

Shooting Drills from the University of New Mexico's Women's Basketball

Yvonne Sanchez, coach of the University of New Mexico women's basketball team, emphasizes proper footwork at all times. That's why she has her pla...

By: Michael Coleman

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