Russian Hockey Team Destroys Turkey 42-0 in 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival

It looks like the score of a shutout football game, but it was actually a youth hockey game.

Russia vs Turkey on the Ice

42-0 sounds like the score of a blowout football game, but it was the final tally of the opening hockey game in the 2017 European Youth Olympic Festival. That's right, a hockey game.

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During Monday's game, Russia defeated Turkey in one of the worst blowouts in the history of the sport. At every level, Russian hockey has always been dominant, but in just three 20-minute periods, their Olympic youth squad totally destroyed their Turkish opponents.

The score after the first period was 15-0. After the second period it was 27-0. Russia added 15 more goals in the third to make it 42-0. Russian goalie Makar Chufarov was awarded player of the game.


The blowout was especially humiliating for Turkey, since the festival is being held in the northeastern Turkish city of Erzurum. But Turkish Hockey Federation president Bulent Akay offered plausible reasons why the score was so lopsided. According to the Hurriyet Daily Newshe said, "This is the first time that the team has played against a world giant. These guys are the national team of the future." He also noted that 87,000 children play hockey in Russia, whereas only 579 play in Turkey.

You can watch the whole game below if you can stand it. You can click on almost any moment of the game and see Russia scoring.

At least this was not the all-time worst loss in hockey. In 2008, Slovakia's women hockey team defeated Bulgaria 82-0.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock