Try This 4-Round Squat, Burpee and Jump Rope Workout for Improved Conditioning

Get yourself ready to play with this brutal conditioning routine.

This workout is a brutal sequence that will improve your conditioning and burn a ton of calories in as little time as possible.

The workout features only three exercises—Barbell Squat to Press (Thrusters), Burpee Pull-Ups and Jump Rope. After completing a four-round workout with these exercises, you are guaranteed to be lying in a puddle of sweat, hardly able to get off the floor. Let's get into it!

Jump Rope

Complete each round as quickly as you can. You'll be doing 43 Barbell Squats to Presses, 43 Burpees with Pull-ups, and 400 Jump Ropes for time.

Also, don't forget to increase weight each round on the Barbell Squat to Press. With the reps decreasing each round, you want to make sure you are being pushed to failure. The very last rep should be a struggle each and every time.

Round 1:

15 – Barbell Squats to Press

6 – Burpee's with Pull-ups

100 – Jump Ropes

Round 2:

12 – Barbell Squats to Press

9 – Burpee's with Pull-ups

100 – Jump Ropes

Round 3:

9 – Barbell Squat to Press

12 – Burpee's with Pull-ups

100 – Jump Rope

Round 4:

6 –Barbell Squat to Press

15 – Burpee's with Pull-ups

100 – Jump Rope

Now Get After It!

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