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Get a Quicker First Step With Explosive Speed Training

Explosive speed is an attribute that can elude even the most elite athletes. Although some players just seem to be born with speed, less genetically f...

By: Dustin Brady

Add Inches to Your Broad Jump With Three At-Home Exercises

You don't need a gym full of equipment to add inches your Vertical and your Broad Jump. Check out these three plyometric exercises, designed by Captai...

By: Dustin Brady

Try These Three Sprint Drills to Run a Faster Mile

Tired of running out of gas in the fourth quarter? Want to build up your running endurance? Well, long, slow runs are certainly not the answer. An hou...

By: Dustin Brady

No-Nonsense Push-Up Plan for Guaranteed Results

Want to challenge yourself with a new Push-Up plan for 2012? Whether you're trying to add upper-body strength for your spring sport or you want to do ...

By: Dustin Brady

Compete to Win an Autographed TRX Force Kit

Want to train like a soldier? To get started, you won't find better equipment than a TRX system. This portable bodyweight training tool is used by mem...

By: Dustin Brady