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Be Ready to Run a 5K in 6-8 Weeks

  If you're not a seasoned runner but can jog at least a mile, participating in a 5K event is within your reach. I've put together a 5K tra...

By: Adrian Robinson

What the Early End of U.S. Marathoner Ryan Hall's Career Can Teach Athletes About Overtraining Syndrome

Every athlete wants to be the best at their individual sport, which is why they spend countless hours in the weight room, on the field, and out on the...

By: Andrew Meyers

The 10-Point, 10-Minute Pre-Run Warm-Up to Beat Common Running Injuries

Many runners lace up their shoes and immediately start running. This lets you get right into it, but it may take a toll on your body and cause...

By: STACK Staff

5 Questions Runners Should Ask Themselves During Every Run

Even if running is second nature to you and you've logged hundreds—or even thousands—of miles on the roads and trails, you might be making a c...

By: STACK Staff

4 Steps to Win Your Next Race

Whether you're a total newbie or already an exprienced runner that wants to kick-it-up a notch this race season, understanding the WHY behind you're...

By: John Rarity

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3 Strength Exercises Every Runner Should Do

Whether you're training for a 5k or a marathon, strength training is an essential element to develop an efficient stride, stay healthy and improve your running times. Here are three exercises that will give your running a boost.

How a CrossFit Box Owner Uses Running to Improve Overall Fitness

CrossFit Sixth City owner Adam Daugherty talks about why he uses running to supplement his daily training routines.

"Bridge The Gap"— An Inside Look at Underground Run Clubs

Around the world, underground urban run clubs are inspiring a new generation of runners to hit the pavement together. "Bridge the Gap" takes a deep dive into the urban running culture and the people who make it go.

Challenge Yourself With the Ultimate Mud Race

Reebok Spartan Race founder Joe DeSena challenges athletes to the ultimate 12-plus-mile mud race, the Spartan Beast.

Get Introduced to Mud Racing with the Reebok Spartan Sprint

With the Reebok Spartan Sprint, creator Joe DeSena introduces a 3-mile obstacle mud race competition for those looking to test their strength, speed and mental toughness