Staying balanced and powerful starts with the core, the collection of muscles around an athlete's lower back and midsection. Train your core with advanced movements or get started with a few beginner-level exercises. STACK will show you the right way to get abs as an athlete and explain how your core can help you perform better in your sport with workouts and tips from the best in the business.

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3 Core Exercises for High Intensity Athletes

In Cleveland, Ohio, CTown CrossFit coach Mitch Lowry demonstrates a high-intensity, 3-exercise workout for a strong core. Lowry explains how to perform Hollow Holds, Dead Bugs and a Sit-Up variation for core strength.

The Best Lunge Variation to Strengthen Your Core and Obliques

Club Med Academies Performance Specialist Sara Gauvreau demonstrates the best lunge variation to strengthen your core and obliques.

Increase Core Strength With the U.S. Water Polo Team’s Supine Med Ball Toss

Strength Coach Anthony Darmiento explains how to perofrm the Supine Med Ball Toss.

Improve Rotational Power With the U.S. Water Polo Team

Watch to see how the U.S. Men's Water Polo Team works to improve passing and blocking in the pool with these rotational power exercises.

José Bautista’s Med Ball Series for Hitting Power

Three-time Silver Slugger José Bautista performs a series of medicine ball exercises that build the rotational power and technique needed to smash home runs.