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Dwight Freeney Ab Training: Outside Thigh Reach

Indianapolis Colts Pro Bowl defensive end Dwight Freeney performs the Outside Thigh Reach as part of his core-strengthening warm-up with coaching by William Hicks, Syracuse assistant athletics director for sports performance.

Dwight Freeney Ab Training: Toe Touch Variations

Indianapolis Colts Pro Bowl D-End Dwight Freeney performs Toe Touch Variations as part of his core strengthening warm-up with coaching by William Hicks, Syracuse assistant athletics director for athletic performance.

Eddie Johnson Free Motion Crunch on BOSU

Eddie Johnson performs the Free Motion Crunch on the BOSU Balance Trainer with coaching by Dave Tenney

Seth Stammler Side V Crunch

In this soccer training video, Seth Stammler of the New York Red Bulls performs the Side V Crunch with coaching by Pierre Barrieu. Seth Stammler uses the training exercise to gain strength for soccer.