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2 Simple Drills to Help Athletes Accelerate Faster

If you coach any team sports, you know acceleration is king. In sports like soccer, 90% of sprints are 20m or shorter, while in rugby, 68% of sprints...

By: Michael Zweifel

Aaron Rodgers Offers Rare Insight Into The Mechanics That Make NFL's Best Passer

Aaron Rodgers is the best passer in the NFL. When it comes to accuracy, arm power and creativity, there's simply no other quarterback who can do wh...

By: Brandon Hall

3 Strength Training Methods to Help You Reach Your Speed Potential

One of the most frequent question coaches get is... Can I get faster? The short answer is a big YES! You can definitely improve your speed. The long...

By: Michael Zweifel

Washington Nationals Exec Reveals What Pro Scouts Look for in Young Baseball Players

Interview with Washington Nationals Special Assistant to the General Manager: Jeff Zona Sr. 12/21/2016 What do MLB scouts look for in a high school...

By: Jeffrey Zona Jr.

How to Make Sure Your Sand Training Isn't Making You Slower

Is Sand Training Slowing You Down? People love training on the beach. You get to be outside in the sun, the sand makes everything harder, the scenery is...

By: PJ Nestler

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NFL RB Ryan Mathews Lateral Movement Series

San Diego Chargers workhorse Ryan Mathews begins a speed development session with a Lateral Movement Series consisting of an A-Snap High Knee, A-Skip and High-Knee Fold with coaching by speed development specialist Sherman Armstrong.

Grady Sizemore on His Hitting Mechanics

Cleveland Indians centerfielder and leadoff man, Grady Sizemore, talks about the proper hitting mechanics.