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Plyometric Exercises for Runners

Picture yourself on the starting line of a race. You're in the blocks. You pull back to create eccentric motion in the lower leg before firing forward...

By: Joe Lopez

The Internet is Going Crazy Over This Video of a HS Girl Track Star

Tara Davis might be half gazelle. At least that's the impression I got after watching this video of her setting the second fastest 100-meter hurdles t...

By: Brandon Hall

Tips and Best Weight Room Exercises for Track Athletes

weightroom exercises for track Track Athletes benefit greatly from proper weight training in the gym as much as any athlete. In fact most track and...

By: Rick Scarpulla

Best Track & Field Exercises You're Not Doing

The Best Track and Field Exercises You're Not Doingco-authored by Steven Keith ScruggsSuccess in track events is highly determined by moving the...

By: Phillip Michael Vaughn

Technical Build-Ups: The Best Training for 400m and 800m Sprinters

What makes a workout program "the best," "the greatest" or even "the ultimate"—besides a coach's or trainer's opinion? To substantiate such cla...

By: Lee Ness