10 Reasons To Take Your Workout Outside

Great weather, higher calorie burn, better results: learn more of the many surprising benefits of training outdoors.

Training indoors during the summer is a shame for several reasons. First and most obviously, you're missing out on the great weather. But as writer Stephanie Radvan points out on DICK'S Sporting Goods "453 and a Half" blog, training outdoors has performance and health benefits too.

For starters, studies have shown that running outside changes your stride, arguably making it more natural than when you're plodding atop a treadmill. Also, a mounting pile of research suggests that spending time outside can have a positive effect on your mood and mental well-being. Third, unpredictable variations in terrain and weather can boost the challenge of your workout, making it possible to burn more calories in less time when you take your workout to the streets (or the park, or the track).


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock