2017 STACK Holiday Gift Guide

Gear up with the latest and greatest products that will improve your game.

The holiday season is upon us. That means it's time to gear up with the latest and greatest products that will improve your workouts, help you take your game to the next level or to simply have some fun.

Here are the top products of 2017 that have come across our desks at STACK HQ.


Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us. That means it's time to gear up with the latest and greatest products that will improve your workouts, help you take your game to the next level or to simply have some fun.

Here are the top products of 2017 that have come across our desks at STACK HQ.



When first seeing the ProBar, you might wonder what the difference is between it and a PVC pipe—you can count me in this group. However, it turns out it's an incredibly powerful tool that can improve mobility, engage muscles and improve strength, and will certainly become a go-to tool in your workouts.

ProBarMobility.com / $199

POWERHANDZ Basketball Gift Set

Powerhandz Basketball

Improve your handles with this limited collection from POWERHANDZ. The set features the POWERHANDZ Anti-Grip Weighted Training Gloves, which build arm strength and make it more difficult to control the ball. The included Dribble Sleeve also makes dribbling drills more challenging by making it harder to grip the ball. Finally, the popup defender and POWERARCH allow you to put these tools to use, perfecting your best ankle-breaking moves.

Powerhandz.com / $159

Gift of Injury

Gift of Injury

If you enjoy lifting weights, then this is a must-read. The book documents world-class lifter Brian Carroll's journey through a devastating spine injury and years of pain and setbacks before he began working with renowned spinal researcher Dr. Stuart McGill. Now, he's 100-recent pain-free. The lessons learned in this book could be the difference between a career of massive strength gains and health, or one filled with injury and subpar progress.

Amazon.com / $44

TaylorMade P790 Irons

TaylorMade P790

Boost your golf game with TaylorMade's latest irons, which feature forged construction and SpeedFoam Technology to provide the perfect combination of distance, control and feel.

TaylorMadeGolf.com / $1,299

Oakley Frogskins Lite

Oakley Frogskins Lite

The latest version of Oakley's iconic Frogskins, the Lite loses the bottom half of the lens frame to reduce the weight while maintaining Oakley's signature durability and high-performance lens technology.

Oakley.com / $113

Onnit Star Wars Kettlebells

Darth Vader Kettlebell

Feel the Force with Onnit's line of kettlebells molded into the shape Darth Vader, a stormtrooper or Boba Fett.

Onnit.com / $149-199

Wilson Custom Tennis Rackets

Wilson Custom Rackets

Hit the courts in style with a high-performance Wilson racket that you can design from scratch. Simply select a racket that fits your playing style on Wilson's website and then personalize it with your name and a custom color scheme.

Wilson.com / Price varies

CCM Ribcor Trigger² Hockey Stick

CCM Ribcor2

CCM's latest stick has an optimized flex profile in the upper-third of the shaft, which allows for a deep flex for an explosive release and added shot power. The blade and shaft are constructed out of a lightweight reinforced material that offers both performance and durability.

CCM.com / $199

Fanatics Winter Olympics Gear

Fanatics Olympics Set

Show your support for Team USA—and keep yourself warm—during the 2018 Winter Olympics with Fanatics' red, white and blue themed hat, gloves and scarf set.

Fanatics.com / $49

Call of Duty: WWII


Call of Duty: WWII goes back to the series' roots. Gone are jet packs and high-tech weapons. Instead you have a game that makes you remember why you fell in love with the series many years ago.

CallofDuty.com / $59

Blast Motion Baseball Swing Analyzer

Blast Motion Baseball

Perfect your swing technique before your season begins with the help of Blast Motion. Their unique sensor attaches to your bat and along with your phone, you can capture and analyze your swing. Built-in communication tools allow you to receive feedback and tips from coaches, while you track and measure your progress over time.

BlastMotion.com / $125 (Limited Time)



The TRX Suspension Trainer helps build total-body strength, core stability, and even flexibility and mobility. The HOME2 is the latest version of the suspension trainer, offering the same versatility as the original but with upgraded features that improve its durability and ease-of-use.

TRXTraining.com / $199

2XU Reflective Compression Garments


It's time to ditch the reflective vest. This line of compression gear from 2XU has your safety covered in the dark winter months with 360-degrees of reflectivity, all while keeping you supported and warm.

2XU.com / $20-110

Soul X-Tra Performance Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones for Sports
Soul X-Tra

Soul X-Tra designed these lightweight headphones with athletes in mind. The lightweight headphones are guaranteed to stay on during workouts and have removable ear pads so you can wash out your sweat stink. The folding design will fit easily in your gym bag and two built-in LED lights help keep you safe when running or working out in the dark.

SoulElectronics.com / $149

Nike LeBron 15

King James himself has claimed the Nike LeBron 15 as his favorite shoe to date. That's high praise, but it's not particularly surprising when you consider how masterfully tailored the shoe is to his unique needs. The LeBron 15 marks the debut of "BattleKnit" technology, a more durable version of the company's FlyKnit material which debuted in 2012. The shoe also featured a never-before-seen air unit which combines Max Air and Zoom technology to deliver a cushioning system built to handle every aspect of LeBron's freakish athleticism.

Nike.com/ $185

Jawku Speed

JAWKU Speed is essentially a stopwatch for the iPhone generation. The device itself consists of a "speed sensor" placed inside a rubber wristband. The device works in concert with an accompanying app to function as a sort of laser-timed finish line. JAWKU Speed detects when you start a drill and tracks the amount of time (down to a hundredth of a second) it takes you to complete it. It also has a mode that tracks your reaction time, training you to be able to fire those fast-twitch muscles in a flash.

Jawku.com/ $150

Lucid App

A strong body can only take you so far. What separates good athletes from great ones is the mental side of the game. The Lucid app is designed to help athletes and competitive people develop the mental skills needed to unlock their full potential. Graham Betchart, the NBA's leading mental skills coach, narrates many of the 5-minute daily audio sessions designed to improve things like confidence, drive and focus. Just pop your headphones in, press play, and Lucid will take care of the rest.

GetLucid.com/ $7.49 a month for a year-long subscription


Leave the step counters for grandma—the WHOOP 2.0 is the wearable designed for elite athletes. Used by pros like Blake Griffin, the device combines numerous metrics (such as sleep quality, resting heart rate and skin temperature) to produce both a daily stress score and a daily recovery score. This data, which is displayed on the accompanying app, will give you a whole new appreciation for how your habits impact your performance.

WHOOP.com/ $500


Subscription box services are blowing up. While many offer cooking materials or grooming accessories, what about a box that can help you get ripped? That's the idea behind BuffBoxx. Every month, subscribers receive a box containing items like Reebook athletic apparel, fitness accessories, workout plans, meal plans, healthy snacks, premium supplements and coupons. The exact contents of the box change each month, but subscribers provide gender and clothing sizes to ensure they can use all that they receive.

BuffBoxx.com/ $50 monthly subscription

TheraGun G2PRO

The recovery tool that's taking the sports world by storm, the TheraGun's been spotted in the hands of athletes like Deshaun Watson, Julio Jones and Dustin Johnson. The lightweight product utilizes a percussion vibration system that causes muscles to rapidly contract and relax which improves blood flow. This helps muscles flush out waste and deoxygenated blood and take in nourishments and nutrients quicker and more efficiently. The result is decreased lactic acid and faster recovery.

TheraGun.com/ $600

Game Changer: The Art of Sports Science

Jim Harbaugh reading Game Changer

Penned by Dr. Fergus Connolly, one of the world's preeminent sports scientists, Game Changer breaks down the common elements all sports share so every aspect can be analyzed for potential improvement. Drawing from his experience with teams like Michigan football, the San Francisco 49ers and Liverpool FC, Connolly reveals the sports science secrets behind how the best teams win.

SimonandSchuster.com/ $60

DriveLine PlyoCare Balls

Photo via DriveLine

PlyoCare balls have become an essential component of the elite pitcher's training toolbox. You wouldn't expect to get stronger lifting the same weight over and over, so why expect to throw harder if you're always using the standard ball? Ranging in weight from 3.5 ounces to 4.4 pounds, this set of six balls can help improve arm health and increase velocity when utilized properly.

DriveLine.com/ $92

Microsoft Xbox One X

The Xbox One X was released on Nov. 7, 2017.

The world's most powerful video game console is here. If you want the best graphics and the smoothest gameplay, this is the console you need under your Christmas tree this year. Play your favorite games in stunning 4K Ultra-High Definition and a blazing 60 frames per second or enjoy the best in home entertainment with the HD Blu-Ray player.

Xbox One X/ $499

Photo Credit: LightFieldStudios/iStock