Make a Classic Winter Look Hotter With adidas Originals Trefoil Leggings

Adding a little flair makes this standard winter staple much more lively and athletic.

Go for a stroll on a winter day and you'll spot hundreds of women rocking the same pair of black leggings. Why wouldn't they? Leggings are simple, comfortable, versatile, and they look good.

But why not spice up your look a little?

You can stand out from the crowd without sacrificing comfort with adidas Originals Trefoil Leggings. Sleeker than usual, the leggings are made with 93 percent cotton blended with 7 percent spandex, giving you a form fit that's warm and cozy. A wide waistband takes the comfort level up another notch.

adidas Leggings

Stylewise, you get the same can't-miss look of a black winter tight. But you add some flair with the adidas trefoil logo near the cuffs. It's a look that says I'm hot and I'm an athlete—even when it's cold outside.

You can pick up the adidas Originals Trefoil Leggings at

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock