Point Guard Drills for Ball Handling and Court Vision

Learn some of the best ball-handling point guard drills from STACK expert Michael Coleman.

Point Guard

A great point guard needs skills and confidence to successfully run his or her team. This means playing as many AAU, MAYB, Recreation League and high school summer league games as possible to gain experience. But it also means working in the gym to polish your abilities. Good basketball point guard drills start with ball handling and court vision work during the off-season.

Here are some point guard prep drills, courtesy of Kansas Basketball Academy Foundation. With these drills, players work on ball handling, scoring, rebounding and playing effectively through fatigue.

See the Court Drill

This drill combines basic fundamentals with conditioning and game simulation. You need two or three players, a chair, two basketballs, four cones and a stopwatch.

1. Start with Player 1 sitting in chair at free throw line maintaining firm posture, simultaneously dribbling two basketballs.
2. Player 1 does four sets of 20 seconds:

  • Dribble on the sides of chair
  • Do a crossover below the knees
  • Rotate basketballs from left to right, dribbling behind chair
  • Rotate basketballs from right to left, dribbling behind chair

3. Player 2 waits to sprint to half court. Once Player 1 is finished, he hands off to Player 2, who extends right and sprints back to score a layup
4. Player 3, ready at the other free throw line, sprints to half court and back to score a layup

Point Guard Conditioning, Two Minutes Straight

Minute 1

  • Player 1 dribbles out of chair to half-court
  • Player 2 dribbles to chair at free-throw line
  • Player 2 passes to Player 3 cutting in for left-hand layup
  • Player 1 crosses over right to left, shoots jumper; Player 2 rebounds

Minute 2

  • Player 1 dribbles out chair to half-court
  • Player 2 dribbles to chair at free-throw line
  • Player 2 passes to Player 3 cutting in for right-hand lay-up
  • Player 1 crosses over left to right, shoots jumper; Player 2 rebounds

*Use cones for passing lanes as players cut to the lane for a layup.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock