The Yoga Warm-Up for Basketball Players

What you should do inside the locker room and on the court to get your body and your mind ready for basketball competition.

You're thinking about the game—the cheers and jeers you'll hear from the crowd, the tough opponent you'll have to cover, the contributions (points, rebounds, assists) your teammates are counting on you to make.

You're so wrapped up in these thoughts that you don't notice that your hips feel a little off. They're still tight from yesterday's workout. The next thing you know, you're on the court, and—bam!—the shifty player you're guarding blows by you. You could not move fluidly enough to stay with him. 

Yoga can help you avoid this fate in two ways. First, doing the poses—which are really a series of gentle stretches like the ones you perform in a dynamic warm-up—gives you a few minutes to focus solely on yourself, and to screen out all the extraneous noise (literal and mental) surrounding the game. Yoga clears your mind and improves your ability to focus.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock