Cam Newton's Mom's Text to Him on the Eve of the Super Bowl is the Most Inspiring Thing You'll Read

This text from Cam Newton's mom will inspire you and make you pull for the Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

Cam Newton is preparing to play the biggest game of his life tomorrow, and like many other athletes of all ages on the eve of a big game, he turns to his parents for guidance and inspiration. That came in the form of a text from his mom, which the All-Pro QB just posted on his Instagram account. It is inspiring as hell.

Clearly addressing the storm that Newton's celebration dances and strong words about race have created over the past few weeks, Cam's mom looks to provide him with strength and resolve in the face of this storm, which she calls evil. She reminds him of the enormous platform he has to inspire and shape others and tells him, "You win with your character and the powerful words that you speak."

The full text can be viewed below in Newton's Instagram post. It's pretty cool to see that Cam has his mom stored as Jackie "my-love" in his phone address book.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock