Carson Wentz's Leg Appears to Be OK as He Launches a 70-Yard Pass

It's too early to tell but signs are pointing that Carson Wentz could be back to his MVP-candidate form.

Carson Wentz couldn't have known that when he tore his ACL diving into the end zone last December that his Philadelphia Eagles would go on and win the Super Bowl under the direction of another quarterback. And he couldn't have known, fairly or unfairly, that there will now be a faction of Eagles fans calling for Nick Foles the moment Wentz throws his first interception.

But judging by where Wentz is in his recovery, perhaps those fears should be alleviated. Wentz looks like he has full range of movement and strength in his legs again, due to a video of the former North Dakota State star launching a 70-yard touchdown pass to a football camper last week.

Wentz will need more time before he's back to looking like the MVP candidate he was before he went down last season, but he's getting closer to full health by the day.