Catching Up With Running Enigma Noah Droddy and Tips on How to Crash the Running Scene

Noah Droddy gives tips on how to crash the running scene.

In case you've forgotten Noah Droddy, he's the internet sensation from the 2016 Olympic trials. He gained attention not for his performance or his story, but for looking like the most bro runner anyone saw at the trials. When it was time for the 10,000-meter race, the camera came to Droddy and the internet went wild over his backwards hat, long hair and amazing mustache.



Droddy finished last at the trials and didn't make it to the Olympics, but he learned a lot from the experience. STACK recently caught up with him to see what he's been up to and what's next for him. He gave us some tips on how to crash the running scene.

Since the trials, Droddy has taken some well-deserved rest, but he has also competed in a couple of big races in which he ran well. In October, he competed in the USATF 10-Mile Championships 2016 in Minneapolis, where he finished second with a time of 47:28, which is also his personal best.
"The 10-mile championships in Minneapolis was my first big race back. I managed to finished second in a pretty competitive field, so I was certainly happy with that," Droddy told STACK.
Droddy's most recent race was a half-marathon, which he ran last Sunday in Monterey Bay, California.
"I ran pretty well besides that I finished fifth," he said. "Which I was content with. I didn't really knock it out of the park, but that was a good one for me."

That half-marathon was Droddy's last big race of the year. He is taking a break from running until his next big race—the Houston Half Marathon in January. Droddy is teaming up with Pizza Hut. The brand will introduce its first-ever Pizza Hut All-American at the NCAA Division I Cross Country Championships this weekend. The All-American, selected from a pool of over 1,000 applicants from 42 states, will travel to as many Division I NCAA championships as possible during the 2016-17 season.


If you're interested in crashing the running scene like Droddy did, here are some tips the cross country icon shared with STACK.

Be adaptable

We asked Droddy about his pre-race rituals. He has only two. He shaves his full beard down to a mustache, and during a race he keeps his hair down instead of up like when he's training. He goes on to say how runners need to be adaptable because they are always running in new areas. It's tough to follow a routine when you control only a few variables. Be like Droddy and go with the flow.

Start slow and steady

Droddy says it's best to start off slowly and gradually work yourself up over time. There's no need to run at anything but your own pace. He gives an example of running week by week. Maybe in your first week, you'll run 20 minutes a day, then you'll up it to 30 minutes in week 2.  As long as you're out there doing something, you will get better.

Learn from your races

Droddy says he learns something new from every race, whether it's a new tactic or a mistake he made. He then uses what he learned in his next race. Make sure each race is an experience and learn from it.

Don't get wrapped up in your own head

Looking back on the Olympic Trials, Droddy felt that he let the magnitude of the race get to him when he needed to stay calm and focused on the race ahead. Stay calm and run on.

Be consistent

If you are in high school, listen to your coach and run on weekends. There are always opportunities to run after high school, so always keep long-term improvement in mind. Droddy says he didn't run in the off-season, which could have hurt him in his progression. Running during the off-season is when you make big improvements.

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