Duke's Prized Recruit Zion Williamson Would Already be the Second Heaviest Player in the NBA

The Blue Devils list him at 6-7 and 285 pounds.

Zion Williamson is set to begin his freshman season at Duke in the fall, with the prized recruit joining forces with fellow freshman R.J. Barrett to create one of the most fearsome lineups in college basketball. And while you probably know Williamson for his outrageous dunking ability, he's now making headlines in another area: being a freaking tight end on the basketball court.

Duke has officially listed Williamson at 6-foot-7 and 285 pounds, which would make him the second-heaviest player in the NBA. First on that list? 7-foot-3 Los Angeles Clippers behemoth Boban Marjanovich.

That is one large dude who can move around the basketball court like a guard, which is a pretty terrifying concept. Duke basketball is going to be a must-watch all season long, with Williamson trucking opponents in the paint at the top of the intrigue list.