Dynamic Warm-Up with LSU Football

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Known for producing some of the fastest athletes in the south, the LSU football program performs a simple-yet-effective dynamic warm-up before doing speed work. "The purpose is to get our athletes ready to run," says Tom Moffitt, head strength and conditioning coach. "We want our hamstrings warmed up and ready to perform at a high level." Moffit has his athletes perform each exercise over 20 yards and follow it with a short stretch. Perform two sets of the dynamic warm-up. Switch the side you stretch on your second set.

Set 1

Hammy Kick
· Keeping back flat, lean forward slightly
· Jog lightly, kicking heels up to hamstrings
· Cover 20 yards
Coaching Points: Keep knee in front of toes // Make sure toes are dorsiflexed // Pump arms through entire exercise

High-Knee Pump
· Jog lightly, bringing knees up to hip level
· Cover 20 yards
Coaching Points: Maintain a smooth arm swing from hip to chin // Keep knee, heel and toe up // Make sure ankle comes over opposite knee // Maintain upright body position throughout jog

Feet Together
· Stand straight up with feet together
· Bend at waist and reach hands down to toes
· Hold for 7 seconds

Saigon Squat
· Stand with feet shoulderwidth apart and toes pointed out 45 degrees
· Keeping back straight and feet flat, squat as deep as possible
· Use elbows to push on inside of quads, so legs spread slightly
· Hold for 7 seconds

Set 2

Hammy Kick (Same as Set 1)

Hip Flexor
· Step into lunge position
· Keeping front knee behind toes, lower back knee to ground
· Squeeze back leg glute, keeping upper body still
· Hold for 7 seconds; perform on opposite leg

High Knee Pump (Same as Set 1)

Quad Stretch
· Stand with feet together and back straight
· Bend right knee, grab that ankle and hold behind glute
· Hold for 7 seconds; perform on opposite leg.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock