How and Why You Should Do TRX Spiderman Push-Ups

Build a strong core and chest with this advanced TRX core exercise.

The quest for awesomely effective core exercises is like a never-ending treasure hunt. Sometimes we find an exercise that's like gold, and it becomes a staple move in our core workouts.

One core exercise that's moved high on my personal list is the TRX Spiderman Push-Up. I've known about it for awhile, but since I recently added it to my workouts, I've learned to appreciate its benefits a lot more.

The TRX Spiderman Push-Up is a more advanced version of the traditional Spiderman Push-Up, which gets it name because it resembles how Spiderman crawls up a wall.

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The exercise is simple. As you lower into a Push-Up, bring one knee to your elbow, then drive back up to the starting position. Repeat with your opposite knee.

On its own, this is a challenging exercise. Adding the TRX makes it significantly more difficult.

When performing the move with the TRX, one leg is suspended while the other leg is free so you can move it into the Spiderman position. When you're in the starting position, your body wants to rotate to the side, forcing your core to engage more than it does in the standard push-up position to keep your hips square to the ground.

As you move into the Spiderman position, the instability caused by the TRX makes the move more difficult for your core, chest and shoulders. You'll even feel a burn in your supporting leg.

In essence, this is a moving Plank with an anti-rotation component. Your core is designed to remain stiff while your limbs move freely. This exercise trains your core exactly in that fashion. Plus, your chest and shoulders will have a nice pump after you're finished.

A good starting point for this exercise is 3 sets of 10 reps on each side. However, you can adjust the reps based on your level of strength, or you can perform it for time to get a conditioning effect.

How to Perform TRX Spiderman Push-Ups

TRX Spiderman Push-Ups

Step 1: Set the TRX in single-loop mode and adjust it to full length


Step 2: Place your right foot in the loop


Step 3: Assume a push-up position with your left leg next to your right leg


Step 4: Lower into a Push-Up and bring your left knee to your left elbow


Step 5: Keep your hips square to the ground throughout the movement


Step 6: Drive up out of the Push-Up and bring your leg back to the starting position


Variations of the TRX Spiderman Push-Up

  • Hold the Spiderman position for 3-5 seconds.
  • At the top of the Push-Up, push your body backward to perform a Buzzsaw.
  • Bring your leg out to the side instead of to your elbow to make the move easier.
  • Kick your leg under your body to make it more difficult.

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