The Mental Benefits of Manny Pacquiao's Intense Training Routine

Does practice make perfect? A study suggests it does, and maybe even more than you realize.

Across several sports, many pro athletes have developed intense routines in their training. One such example of an extreme trainer is Manny Pacquiao. At 36 years old, his training is going to matter more than ever as he prepares for what may be the biggest fight of his career against Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Saturday night.

Every day Pacquiao pushes himself through long runs and sprints, stair runs, crunches and training in the ring. (Learn about the strangest training techniques Pacquiao has ever tried.) He is determined to prepare his mind for fighting by focusing on each of the tasks in his training. With all the success Pacquiao has already achieved, the skills he has already developed, and the level of fitness he has already reached, one might expect him to train less on his fundamental boxing techniques.



Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock