Nike's Air Max Thea's Elegant, Low-Profile Look Hides a High-Performing Build

Some shoes look good. Others feel good. Rarely does a single shoe do both.

Women know that some shoes look good and others feel good. Rarely does a single shoe do both. The Nike Air Max Thea is one of the fortunate few that offers the best of both worlds. The shoe's elegant, minimalist design looks smooth and feels even smoother.

Nike Air Max Thea

Whatever direction you choose, you'll be cozier along the way thanks to an Air Max unit that softens the impact of each step. You'll stride comfortably and confidently no matter how far you have to go.

Nike Air Max Thea

The Air Max Thea also delivers in places that don't necessarily catch your eye. For example, the shoe's interior includes a Solarsoft Sockliner that strikes a perfect balance between cushy and supportive.

Nike Air Max Thea

Flip the Air Max Thea over and you'll find a Phylon outsole that provides the traction you want on the surfaces you'll encounter when you're out and about. Rain or shine, the Thea handles it just fine (although given how good these shoes look, you'll probably try to  keep them out of those murky sidewalk puddles.)

Nike Air Max Thea  Sole

The Air Max Thea offers all of these features and benefits for under $100. With more than 30 colorways to choose from, you're sure to find a pair that matches the outfits you have in mind. See them all at, and add them to your Holiday Wish List today.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock