Nike Installed a Gym on a Barge in the Chicago River. Here's What It Was Like To Work Out on Water

STACK's Brandon Hall trained in a gym on the Chicago River and played flag football as part of Nike's 'Get Out Here' campaign.

Winter in Chicago is not for the faint of heart. Temperatures often dip into the single digits, and snowfall routinely pounds the city for days on end. As if that weren't wicked enough, high winds off Lake Michigan bombard the streets and turn exposed skin raw. It hardly sounds like an ideal vacation spot, but it was the perfect location for Nike to promote its "Get Out Here" campaign.

"Get Out Here" is the slogan Nike chose to encourage athletes to train and play outdoors this winter. The campaign, which kicked off with a cool "Snow Day" ad in late October, coincides with the promotion of a line of new winter gear designed to help athletes battle the elements and perform at a high level in cold conditions.Along with other media members, STACK was invited to a #GetOutHere Challenge in Chicago to embrace the cold and put Nike's new products to the test. Here's what went down.

My day started at 7 a.m., when I got suited up in clothing from Nike's Cold Gear Collection. Stepping out of my hotel room, I felt more than ready to battle the elements, considering my outfit included a jacket, tights and a compression shirt.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock