Patrick Surtain Jr. Is The Highest-Rated Cornerback Recruit Ever

Patrick Surtain is a former NFL cornerback who was named to three Pro Bowls. His son might be even better.

Patrick Surtain Jr., a cornerback in the class of 2018, currently holds a .9989 Composite Rating from 247Sports.

Should that number hold through National Signing Day, he'll be the second highest-rated cornerback in the site's history. Their rankings go back to at least 2000, so that's an astonishing achievement.

But there's a case to be made for Surtain Jr. being the site's highest-rated cornerback ever. Tedd Ginn Jr., the only cornerback in history with a higher Composite Rating than Surtain, had a .9992 as a recruit in the class of 2004. But Ginn probably should've been classified as an athlete, not a cornerback. After all, he went on to record precisely one tackle at Ohio State while appearing in 37 games as a wide receiver.

Either way, Surtain is clearly a rare talent. For context, Eric Berry had a .9985 Composite Rating as a recruit in the class of 2007, and Patrick Peterson had a .9976 Composite Rating in the class of 2008.

What makes Surtain so special? For one, his genetics. He's the son of Patrick Surtain, the former NFL cornerback who made three consecutive Pro Bowls with the Miami Dolphins. Surtain Jr.'s frame is also impressive, as he measures in at 6-foot-2, 181 pounds. Pair that up with a 4.57 40-Yard Dash and phenomenal football instincts, and you have one incredible prospect. We'll be sure to keep tabs on Surtain throughout the 2017 season.

Photo Credit: Andrew Ivins, 247Sports