How to Prepare for Basic Training

Joining the military? Get prepared for basic training with this strength-training and recovery program from STACK Expert Miguel Aragoncillo.

Army Workout

Basic training (BT) places extreme physical demands on your body and mind to prepare you for the battlefield. You are constantly physically active—jogging, running and ruck marching for what seems like endless amounts of time.

You know that BT is physically demanding. What might surprise you is that it's actually quite difficult to maintain muscle mass. The high frequency of endurance workouts coupled with the lack of weight training is an ideal recipe for muscle loss.

So, when an individual is preparing for basic training, my number one recommendation is to focus on building muscle. You should enter BT a bit heavier than your normal weight. You will lose some weight, but you will come out a strong and lean fighting machine.

To achieve this goal, you need a two-fold approach, focusing on strength training and recovery.

Strength Training

Strength training will build the muscle mass you need for BT, help you perform better in physical fitness tests and reduce the risk of injury.

The best way to accomplish this is by performing functional exercises that simulate the movements you will perform during training and on the battlefield. Specifically, you need to emphasize exercises that engage multiple large muscle groups at the same time.

The following BT prep program features three workouts per week. Each workout hits your entire body but has a specific focus, offering an increased challenge to the targeted muscle groups.

Note: perform the grouped exercises in superset fashion.

Day 1 - Upper-Body Focus

Day 2 - Lower-Body Focus

Day 3 - Upper-Body Focus


While building muscle is the priority, you cannot ignore the importance of recovery. It ensures that you can perform at your max during each workout and prevents your body from breaking down.

One of the best recovery methods is foam rolling. It's a type of self-massage that releases tight muscles, improves blood flow and increases mobility. All you need is a foam roller or piece of PVC pipe. Watch the video below to learn how to foam roll.


Strength training and adequate recovery will effectively build muscle in preparation for basic training, while also increasing your endurance so you can withstand long runs and intense obstacles. When a drill sergeant starts screaming in your face, you'll be thankful you prepared and  that you have the physical capacity to answer his demands.

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