Pros' Pump-Up Pre-Game Picks

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Jozy Altidore
U.S. Men's National
Soccer Team, SF
Favorite Flick: Friday Night Lights
"The speech in the movie when he's talking about being perfect [is] pretty goosebumpy."
Top Tunes: "I like Drake, B.o.B., any hip-hop, really. I try to get myself crunked before games."
Cole Hamels
Phillies, P
Favorite Flick: Seabiscuit
"It's the kind of movie that could motivate anyone."
Top Tunes: AC/DC
Thunderstruck, Blink-182: The Rock Show
Dirk Nowitzki
Dallas Mavericks, F
Favorite Flick: Remember the Titans
"It's a great story about a team of diverse characters and backgrounds coming together for the common goal of winning a championship."
Top Tunes: AC/DC:
You Shook Me All Night Long,
Led Zeppelin: No Quarter, Dirk Nowitzki: Courtside
Steve Gregory
San Diego
Chargers, DB
Favorite Flick: Rocky
"[I'm a] big fan of that movie. It has a lot of different teaching tools about being a guy from the bottom and overcoming [obstacles] and rising to the top."
Top Tunes: "I listen to a lot of hip-hop, but mostly Michael Jackson, mixed with a little house music."

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