The 6 Most Awkward Shane Battier Interviews From the 2013 NBA Draft

Shane Battier conducted some pretty amazing interviews during the 2013 NBA Draft. STACK brings you the six most awkward exchanges.

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Shane Battier

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When ESPN announced that it had tapped the Miami Heat's Shane Battier to conduct player interviews during the 2013 NBA Draft, no one knew what to expect. Sure, Battier is Duke-educated and well-spoken, but he also has zero experience as a member of the media. Would he be terrible? (Maybe) Would he be average? (Most likely) Would his charm and wit make for surprisingly compelling television and secure his future as an NBA analyst? (No. Definitely not.)

Battier turned in a delightfully awkward performance, asking the same questions over and over again (What will you be bringing to the team? What does _____ mean to your career? Has my hand been on the small of your back too long?), demonstrating only a surface knowledge of each player's bio and breaking the ice about as well as a freshman at his first frat party. Click through the slideshow to see the six most awkward player interviews Battier conducted during the 2013 NBA Draft.

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