STACK Summer Training Guide: Baseball

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Designed by: Javair Gillett, CSCS, Detroit Tigers head strength and conditioning coach. Learn more at

Program Goals

This program will improve athleticism while focusing on preventing injury during the season. Baseball players run the risk of developing muscle imbalances from playing their sport. When athletes repeatedly perform similar movement patterns, such as rotating to swing a bat or throw a ball, muscle imbalances can develop on the side of the body where force is generated. To limit this, we train the entire body with special attention to linear movement patterns. The program will minimize strength loss during the season and maximize rotational power so you can generate more pop at the plate and drive the ball deep.

Three Things

Zero in on these three keys to ou baseball training program.

Choose Your Volume

The program offers a choice of rep ranges for various exercises. If you're playing traveling baseball this summer, you'll probably want to work at the low end. If the set specifies 10-15 reps of a specific movement, go for 10, rather than squeaking out a few more reps just to hit a number. If you're not traveling over the summer, bump your reps to the high end of the range. As always, make sure to use proper form.

Train the Whole Body

The program may call for upper- or lower-body days, but the routines hit your entire body. Total body training is crucial for baseball players. When you bat, throw or field, your entire body is engaged. The body is a machine, and a well-tuned, coordinated machine translates into more power at the plate and speed in the field and around the bases. Even when a workout focuses on the upper body, make sure to activate all of your muscle groups to maximize the benefits.

Save Your Shoulders

Throwing puts tremendous stress on the arm, and shoulder injuries can be devastating. That's why scapula and rotator cuff muscles are so important. Even if you can lift heavy weights, these smaller muscles may not be strong. The program incorporates specific work to improve stability, stamina and strength and to keep your shoulders injury-free.

Download the complete summer baseball workout from the STACK Performance Center.

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