STACKletes Speak Up: Would You Rather Be Underpaid Or Overrated?

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There's no denying that some athletes play the game for the wrong reasons—like money and fame. But history's greatest athletes play to win, which means they sacrifice their stats in the best interest of the team, doing whatever it takes to win. With that in mind, we asked our STACKletes whether they'd rather be underpaid or overrated.

"Underpaid . . . life's a hustle" was Gabriel Sichangwa's intriguing answer. Athletes face challenges every day as they work to reach their goals. Those who keep fighting and hustling eventually succeed in some fashion. Those who play for fame and fortune generally don't have the hustle—the fire in the belly and love of the game—to take their skills to extraordinary heights. Being underpaid keeps you motivated to prove your worth.

Julian Sisman agreed, saying he'd rather "work hard for the money." Being an athlete isn't easy; it involves focused and disciplined training, practice and skill work. Few athletes achieve success without devoting long hours of dedicated effort.

A few STACKletes said they'd rather be overrated. However, based on what we've seen in the world of pro sports, you have to be an outstanding athlete to even have a chance of being called "overrated." Although you may be blessed with natural talent, it still comes down to hard work.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock