tasc's 'The Boss' Hoodie Has a Little Secret That's Perfect for Athletes

An ingenious addition to the classic design makes this hoodie far more functional.

Hoodies were always almost perfect. Their sole shortcoming? Keeping stuff secure.

The kangaroo pocket sewn to the front of the garment was the ideal place for keeping your hands warm. But if you tried to stow something like your wallet or your smartphone in there, you did so at your own risk. Move the wrong way and your wallet could spill out into your couch cushions—or, worse, your cell phone could take a dive down a sewer grate.

Until now.

An ingenious design flourish in tasc's "The Boss" Hoodie solves this problem. Subtly placed behind the kangaroo pocket is a second zippered pocket. This sneaky storage area is big enough to fit your wallet and your phone. And the zipper lets you lock them in place.


No one will notice that you've got your goods in there. In fact, the only visual cue that something's going on is a few-inch-long piece of striped fabric that conceals the zipper. The alternating light blue-dark blue color of the stripes feels very Nautica, or old school Tommy Hilfiger. To an onlooker, it looks like your hoodie has subtle flair. They won't know you have your valuables safely tucked away behind the stripe.

"OK," you're probably saying to yourself, "I get it. You like this little pocket. Is there anything else that's good about this hoodie?"


Indeed there is. Another thing that makes tasc garments unique is their use of bamboo in the fabric. By blending bamboo with Organic Cotton and Lycra, they produce material that is as breathable as a tech-fiber t-shirt but much softer. In fact, their Carrollton workout shirts are as comfortable as cotton. You'll find the brushed interior of "The Boss" cozier than a typical hoodie, because the material is soft to the touch and warm without being heavy.

Another bonus: The fabric isn't linty. You can wear a dark color underneath and not have to worry about being covered in fuzzballs later.

The exterior is soft and smooth too. Go ahead and rub your face against the shoulder. Your cheek will thank you.


All this comfort and ingenuity does come at a price: "The Boss" is listed at $120. But you can get 15% off by signing up for tasc's email list.

You'll find "The Boss" on tasc's website at this link.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock