The 11 Most Epic Plays of the NFL Weekend

You'll have a hard time finding a week in NFL history that provided more thrills and eye-popping plays than this one.

Mahomes' Side Arm Sling

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Mahomes\' Side Arm Sling

Every week, Patrick Mahomes does a bunch of things that shouldn't be possible for a human

— Ben Baldwin (@benbbaldwin) December 9, 2018


If you want to see how Patrick Mahomes' baseball career shaped him as a quarterback, look no further.

Mahomes' arm angle on this throw is reminiscent of a shortstop rifling a ball to first after charging to field a slow roller.

But even more impressive than the throw itself is the vision Mahomes displayed to allow for it.

Who in the world would even think of delivering a pass into that window?

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is proving to be a Picasso with the pigskin, routinely utilizing his Howitzer-like arm strength to make mind-boggling plays.

Which leads us to our next Mahomes highlight, which might be even more impressive…


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