The 11 Most Epic Plays of the NFL Weekend

You'll have a hard time finding a week in NFL history that provided more thrills and eye-popping plays than this one.

Faker Mayfield

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Faker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield with one of the most impressive fakes of the season.

— NFL Update (@MySportsUpdate) December 9, 2018


In his young NFL career, Baker Mayfield has already demonstrated exquisite ball skills.

Browns offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens is using that to his advantage.

Rather than just having Mayfield execute simple handoffs on every rushing play, Kitchens is having him utilize some creative exchanges to fool the defense.

This statue of liberty-style handoff to Nick Chubb is a perfect example, as it froze the defense just enough to spring Chubb for a nice gain.

Like Mahomes, Mayfield's experience as a high school baseball player is now showing on Sundays.


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