The Best Stuff You Missed in NFL Week 12

Dalvin Cook's limbo celebration, David Njoku's risky leap, and Chris Carson's mid-run front flip are just some examples of NFL brilliance on display this week.

Carson's Fantastic Flip

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Carson\'s Fantastic Flip

Chris Carson isn't human.

— C.J. Tumbarello (@c_tumbarello) November 25, 2018


For a lesser athlete, this play easily could've resulted in a broken neck, a shattered collarbone, or any other unsavory physical outcome that becomes exponentially more likely when you're totally inverted four feet off the ground. 

But for Seattle Seahawks running back Chris Carson, it was just a shortcut to a couple more rushing yards. 

Carson finished the game with 55 rushing yards and a touchdown as Seattle sunk Carolina 30-27.

The injury report didn't make any mention of him being stung by a radioactive spider recently, though we still harbor our suspicions.

If this whole football thing doesn't work out, Carson might have a future in gymnastics.


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