The Denver Broncos, John Elway and Twitter Universe Destroy the Raiders After Misguided Tweet

The AFC West rivalry is fiery as the Broncos and Raiders traded jabs via social media this week.

The @Broncos D? It currently rules the AFC West.

"We can disrupt the way they do."


The Oakland Raiders are the NFL's hottest young team. Though they have wallowed near the bottom of the standings for the past five years, the Raiders' current roster is filled with potential. Oakland went 7-9 last season in an AFC West that was dominated by the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos. But perhaps the young team is getting a little too excited about its potential. When the NFL tweeted a story about Raiders linebacker Khalil Mack saying the team could defend as well as the Broncos—who mounted the best defense in the NFL last season, allowing 283.1 yards per game—the Raiders tweeted the Broncos' defense isn't as good as it's been in the past.

The Broncos' social media defense is as good as its defense on the field, however. After the Raiders essentially proclaimed they have the best defense in the AFC West, the Broncos responded with a picture of Broncos Executive Vice President of Football Operations  John Elway wearing a smug grin on his face.

And of course, the Raiders had to fire back with a video of Mack and newly signed linebacker Bruce Irvin running through tackling dummies.

The Raiders certainly have a solid defense, with Mack and Irvin fortifying the middle. In April, the Raiders drafted former West Virginia safety Karl Joseph, who is sure to make an impact in the secondary. He picked off five passes last season and nine during his career with the Mountaineers.

With the Raiders building up their defense, the Broncos may have a new foe to worry about in the AFC West.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock