'The Mountain' From 'Game of Thrones' Presses a 284-Pound Dumbbell Over His Head, Continues to Scare the Hell Out of Us

Strongman Hafthór Björnsson, who plays 'The Mountain' in 'Game of Thrones,' continues to shock us with ridiculous feats of strength.

The Mountain

Another day, another ridiculous feat of strength performed by strongman Hafthór Björnsson, who plays "The Mountain" on Game of Thrones.

As shown in the Instagram video below, this time, Björnsson performs a Dumbbell Press. But he doesn't use just any dumbbell. Björnsson calls this massive weight "Thor's Dumbbell," which is inspired by his personal nickname. The custom dumbbell weighs a whopping 284.4 pounds, a weight that many people cannot even squat or deadlift, let alone press overhead with one arm.

Not only that, the dumbbell appears to be a version of the mythical Inch Dumbbell with a grip the size of a soda can. This type of grip makes the weight even more difficult to even pick up. It's difficult to tell the exact grip diameter, but it seems very thick—especially in relation to Björnsson, who is 6-foot-9 and around 400 pounds.

Unofficially, this press is heavier than the current World Record.

Björnsson is in the process of training for the 2016 Arnold Strongman Classic, to be held in Columbus, Ohio, on March 4, 2016. STACK will be in attendance to see him in action, and we expect impressive results based on his training progress.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock