The Seattle Mariners Created 6 New Home Run Celebrations to Replace the Bat Flip

Bat flips are so last season.

Celebrating home runs in baseball happens. Whether you like it or not, players will always get excited when they smash one out of the park.

The go-to celebration for a home run has often been the bat flip. Regardless what level of baseball you're watching, when a batter hits a homer, there's a good chance he will flip his bat in celebration.

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The bat flip isn't new or original. It's been used for decades. But the Seattle Mariners got sick of watching the same ol' bat flips over and over, so they decided to create new forms of celebration for when a Mariner goes yard—six to be exact.

A couple of members of the Mariners starred in a commercial that showed off the hilarious and genius new celebrations that will hopefully take the league by storm.


The six moves are the Swashbuckler, the Jockey, the Lullaby, the Grandpa, the Drum Major and the Mic Drop. How funny would it be to see Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton perform the Swashbuckler after every dinger. These need to catch on.

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The Mariners were third in the MLB for home runs hit (223) during the 2016 season. If the team does that well this year, they will  get to show off the new celebrations a lot.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock