Three Ways to Apply Battling Ropes to Your Workout

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Rope exercises train for full-body strength and conditioning with one piece of equipment. Known as Battling Ropes, they facilitate a form of velocity training that forces you to produce and maintain power at a high level of intensity over a long period of time. You create a wave effect through the length of each rope, increasing both strength and stamina.

Rope training exercises will help keep you off the ropes in the late stages of a game.

In an earlier post (Develop Full-Body Strength and Conditioning With Battling Ropes), STACK highlighted variations and patterns that can be used with the 50-foot rope.  Today we describe three forms of high-intensity training that make use of Battling Ropes.

Dynamic Core Circuit

Engaging core muscles in an explosive manner through a wide range of motion is the purpose of dynamic core training. The routine used by Skip Schumaker, second baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, works the core in the same way it functions when you swing a bat or throw a ball.

This routine circuits Rope Waves with Sledgehammer Smashes and Landmines, both rotational movements, along with Three-Switch Mountain Climbers for core stability.

Metabolic Conditioning

Performance expert Todd Durkin prescribes "Hurricanes," five-minute circuits that challenge your strength, power and conditioning. Generally integrated in the later stages of a training program, when the athlete is in peak physical condition, Hurricanes are a measure of power endurance. In this particular Hurricane, Sledgehammer Hits are the principal exercise, and rope work is used as an element for metabolic conditioning and strengthening the shoulders.

Strongman-Style Training

In the video above, Battling Ropes is the last of a seven-stage strongman-style circuit, performed after Tire Flips, Sled Pulls, Log Cleans and other exercises. By the time you battle the ropes, you are near complete fatigue. According to Battling Ropes System certified specialist Dave Morgan, "[Performing] the Battling Ropes gives you the upper-body work capacity to maintain power over a long period of time."

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock