Top NBA Prospect Mo Bamba Can Apparently Shoot 3's Now, Too

The Texas phenom is still wowing the scouts ahead of the 2018 NBA Draft.

Mo Bamba, the man with an 8-foot wingspan and sprint speed equal to that of Russell Westbrook, is apparently not done wowing scouts just yet. With the NBA Draft taking place Thursday, the 7-foot-1 Texas phenom is now splashing 3-pointers with relative ease.

In a video posted to NBA trainer Chris Brickley's Instagram, Bamba can be seen shooting 3's off the bounce with impressive form, swooshing them as if he'd been doing it his entire career. Bamba averaged just 1.7 attempts from deep during his only season as a Longhorn, and hit them at a poor 27-percent clip. But if the big man can bump that average up to somewhere in the 30s, it would do wonders for the rest of his game.

Bamba has been climbing the ranks since the NBA lottery took place. His stock doesn't seem to be slowing down.