Why Cycling Class is a Great Way to Improve Your Conditioning in the Offseason

Seeking an alternative to typical offseason conditioning, or basic aerobic conditioning for beginners? Consider taking a cycling class.

Relying on the basics is a good formula for seeing improvements in strength and conditioning. In terms of strength, using programs like 5x5 and 4x10 yields good results to improve strength and hypertrophy especially for more novice lifters.

When looking directly at conditioning, improving aerobic conditioning is the first priority to improve all energy systems. As aerobic endurance improves, the ability to use effort necessary for other energy systems also improves. While general non-team or personalized programs can be looked down on for not being specific, cycling class is actually a good way to improve aerobic conditioning and prepare for both preseason and season-long conditioning.

What makes cycling class great for beginners, and offseason training is that riders are on a bike for 45-90 minutes. Because of the way energy systems work based on effort and time, aerobic systems will be the most used due to the length of time and effort possible to be put in throughout the class. As part of classes though, intervals are mixed in to help with anaerobic conditioning, which transfers to bursts like sprints. Using this, cycling class helps with both aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

Cycling Class

Additionally, when using a studio like Flywheel, riders can track their performance to see just how well they do on a day-by-day basis and watch their aerobic endurance improve. Using technology with cardio makes it possible to track just like using weights makes resistance training easy to track and adhere to for programming.

When it comes to offseason conditioning, and beginner conditioning, cycling class is actually a great alternative to specific programming; being able to track performance is a huge benefit of it as well.

While there are pieces warning of the harm cycling class can cause, it is far more beneficial for beginners and offseason conditioning than it is a risk. If you are looking for an alternative to typical offseason conditioning, or basic aerobic conditioning for beginners, then consider using cycling class to accomplish your goals.

Take class at your own pace to get ideal results while staying healthy, and be ready for your upcoming season.