You'll Get Choked Up Watching This Dad Surprise His Son With a Brand New Baseball Bat For His Birthday

12-year-old baseball player cries tears of joy after getting a surprise birthday gift from his dad.

Braheim Fowler

Philadelphia Little League baseball player Braheim Fowler didn't think he was going to get anything for his birthday. That's because Braheim's dad Devon told him that he had nothing to give him. Well, Braheim was in for a big surprise.

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Before the 12-year-old's baseball game, Devon could tell that his son was upset. Braheim didn't want to talk to his dad or even look at him. But that all changed as soon as he told the boy there was a box in the back of the van.

Braheim immediately knew what was up, and once he opened the door, a humongous smile spread over his face. Devon had not forgotten his son's birthday. Braheim pulled a bright green bat out of the box. The boy was so happy, he started crying tears of joy. Dad got a present of his own when his son moved in for a big hug.

Check out the emotional video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock