Dynamic Flexibility Exercises:

Ankle Bounds – Take short bunny hops keeping legs straight and flexed at ankles

Knee Hugs – Rise up on toe, lift and pull opposite knee to chest

Russian Walks - March like a Russian solider; clap under hamstring as you draw knee up

Walking Sweeps - Take slow, long steps while keeping hips low and sweeping ground with hands

Frankenstein Walks – Extend arms forward at shoulder level. Drive right leg up to the outside of your left hand. Repeat with left leg

Power Skips – Skip for height and distance with high-knee action and long arm swings

High-Knee Skip – Perform high knee skip keeping toes pulled up

Fast Skips – Perform fast-paced short skips

Butt Kicks – Rapidly kick heels to butt; pump arms

Skip and Kick – Perform skip; kick leg out when knee is raised. Snap leg back to paw ground

Form Runs – Run with proper form. Concentrate on rapid knee action and arm swings

Lateral Bounds – Bound laterally from leg to leg, lifting knee to chest and using arms

Form Runs and Sprint – Run with proper form with high knees and good arm action for five yards. Then sprint for ten.


Static Partner Stretches:

Hold for 8 seconds

Seated Low Back and Hamstring Stretch – Sit on butt with legs apart. Reach and grab right foot and hold. Repeat on left side

Hip Flexor & Quad Stretch – Kneel on one knee, reach back and grab back foot. Lean forward and hold

Abdominal Stretch – Lying on your stomach, place palms on ground and slowly start pushing upper body off ground. Keeping hips on ground, have partner push on mid back

Seated Legs Together – Sit on butt with legs together, toes up, knees locked. Reach for feet and hold

Butterfly - Sit on butt with knees bent and soles of feet together. Gently press knees out with hands

Hip Stretch – Lie on back and bring your leg up toward hands. Place arms around outside of leg and pull toward chest.

Piriformis Stretch – Lying on back, cross one leg over body. Have partner lift leg toward opposite shoulder.