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Multidirectional Core Training With Drew Brees

No athlete can possibly predict every move he or she will make during a game. With all of the variables that come into play in every sport, it's impor...

Hamstring Strength and Flexibility Series

For you to sprint as quickly as possibly, all your lower body muscles must contribute to stride power. This includes the hamstrings, which are often o...

Yoga For Athletes

Speed recovery, improve balance and prevent injuries—these are just a few of the many benefits athletes can realize from practicing yoga. Accor...

Stretching Drill for Pitchers

Ensure that your howitzer of an arm continues to fire away at opponents by armoring it with lower-body flexibility. "Pitchers are rotational a...

Injury Prevention for Baseball

I'm a pitcher. Is it possible to take precautions to avoid injuries? Yes, through flexibility exercises, which are critical for a pitcher. If pre...